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Small Groups

“Everybody hopes that maybe somewhere down this road
We'd finally find that place where we belong
That place where we're complete
The one that occupies our dreams
That place we're blessed to call our home
Well, I have arrived And I can't keep this inside...”

- Where I belong -  MercyMe

In a foreign land where at times it seems everyone is a stranger running their own rat race, there’s this place of an authentic connection where love and acceptance can be found. A place where we celebrate happiness and share our tears. A place where laughter is genuine and empathy is heartfelt.  A place where when you feel you got it all messed up, you’d find that you do not have to pick up the pieces all alone. A place where passion for God and His purposes are nurtured, and yes, even where dreams our launched. A place where to belong is to be home. Not long ago, we were strangers.  Now, we are important parts of one another’s lives.  Here are our stories so far…

At Buti Na Lang May Linggo!

Ang akala ko, kami ang aabot sa mga magiging kasama namin sa small group. Hindi ko inaasahan na mapupukaw din ang aming puso sa bawat buhay na nababago, pangarap na nabubuo at pagkakaibigang napapatibay.

Ang sarap din pakinggan ng kanya-kanyang lakbayin sapagkat bahagi ka nito dahil kasabay kang nananalangin at nagbibigay suporta sa bawat isa.  Isa pang tunay na regalo sa amin ay ang pagkakaroon ng hangaring umabot pa ng mga kapwa Pilipino.

Ang bawat kwento na naibahagi sa aming small group ay nakapagbibigay ng inspirasyon sa amin upang mas magpursigi at patuloy na

manalangin.  Salamat sa Diyos na may akda ng lahat at nagdudugtong-dugtong ng mga buhay para maisakatuparan ang Kanyang mabuting layunin sa bawat isa.

A Life-Changing Journey

One year and many SG meetings from when we started, I’m very thankful for the Lord's faithfulness. As I journeyed with the group, I grew and have learned a lot from them.

Each meeting is unique -- full of life lessons, of sharing oneself to one another, of carrying each other's burden without fear of being judged or criticized, of sharing the person we have been and the dreams of what we hope to be. Concluding each meeting has always been a challenge because sharing is always never-ending. The journey is indeed life changing. The lessons we learned along the way is forever etched in our hearts.

smallgroup_a_life_changing1a smallgroup_a_life_changing2a

No Place Like Monday SG

When I think of Monday, I think of SG.  Yes, I think of Singapore because that’s where I live right now. More than that, I think of my Small Group.

To me Monday means spending special moments with my spiritual friends.  It means fellowship, sharing of joy, and of burdens and tears.  It is a time full of laughter, encouragement, inspiration, hope, forgiveness, perseverance and love.  Monday is an appointment with God and God’s beloved – my spiritual brothers and sisters.  It is a manifestation of God’s great power and unending love.  It is a showing of God’s wonderful miracles and seeing the beauty of a life lived under God’s purpose and direction.

That’s what Monday is.  And I am proud to be a part of it.  My home in SG, my Monday SG.


Couldn’t be Happier

As levitra online someone who claimed to be independent with too many things going on in life, joining a Small Group was something I usually shrug off.  For a long time, I didn't think it was
necessary to commit to a group of people, listen to them regularly telltale their hang-ups, or give long mushy overly-spiritual stories.  I just had better things to do with my time.Those opinions turned when the Lord allowed me to join the Tuesday Small Group, my first ever Small Group.  There He chose the right people to prove my early apprehensions wrong.  And I couldn't be happier!


Where can I turn to when I am at a crossroad, or disappointed, or confused, or aching, but to the people who always seek the grace of God in their lives?

Who can I talk to about my dreams and burdens but the people who share the same intensity in finding, if not yet doing his/her "one thing" and also understand that life is more than just "me"?

Who can better appreciate the blessings that come into my life but the people who desire to give more than they receive?

To whom do I give the right to correct me, but to the people who will get hurt when I fall?

Who can I have fun with but the people who see that the world is filled with good and pure things that we can enjoy?

Who would I want to experience the world with but the people who realize that to see, to hear, to taste, to smell, and to feel help them to become?

Who can inspire me to develop my skills and knowledge but the people who buy clomid desire to please the Lord in every way?









My propecia online Tuesday Small Group is not only a commitment, it's a gift.

Growing with His Family

“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.”

This verse aptly describes one major realization after more than a year of being a part of a Small Group – it is one place where you can grow.

Each one of us has our own personal journey towards growth. It’s amazing how God surrounds us with people with whom we can journey with.

In kamagra online our Small Group, we discuss things from simple interests to modern technologies, to history, which helps us grow in wisdom. We

fellowship with each other, which helps us grow socially. We study and meditate on God’s word, which helps usknow and love Him more. We learn from each other's experiences, which encourages us. It is such a privilege that God allowed us to live here in Singapore, with a Small Group family that spurs us to grow and helps and prays for each other to ultimately find our purpose in life and be used for His higher calling.

Indeed, clomid online the growth of everyone in this family is a sight to behold and doing life with God’s family is worth our time, effort and love.

It’s All About People

When I first learned that I was one of the privileged to be given a chance to be trained to become one of the SG hosts - magkahalong tuwa, excitement at takot ang nadama ko.  Subalit God is faithful, marami akong natutunan at ako ay unti-unting nabago.  In my prayers, it became my priority to pray for the lives and the journeys of the people I’m handling.  In every Small Group meeting, we are given opportunities to serve and minister to one another.  Day after day we are also trained, by the grace of God, to express our genuine concern for each other.


Doing Life Together

Iba talaga kapag part ka ng isang small group. May mga bagay ka na pwedeng gawin na hindi mo magagawa kapag nag-aattend ka lang ng Friday or Sunday gathering. In a small group, one can interact closely with other people: share struggles and testimonies, participate in discussions and outdoor activities. Real fellowship, in a home away from home.

As a Zambian proverb says: "When you run alone, you run fast. When you run together, you run far." It's true, mas malayo nga ang mararating mo kapag katuwang ang ibang kapatiran. Medyo magulo minsan, but hey, it's part of life! There is a level of maturity



that can be achieved only when one does life together with other Christians.

The more we think about it, the more we are convinced – hosting the Saturday Small Group is a privilege we will always be thankful to God for.

In here we feel the love, concern, respect and acceptance for being who we are.  In here we hang around, laugh, and cry with people who teach us to grow stronger, dream bigger and pray harder.

In buy priligy here we are honoured to witness the deepening of faith and the building  of character of one another. 

We are humbled that God is continuously equipping us for this purpose and by the

grace of God we know that He will continue to enable us to be a blessing to one another. He will also continue to make us salt and light and make our lives attractive in the eyes of other people.