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Relieve buy priligy online history and uncover the roots of the noble Filipino race. Discover the depth of the Philippine culture, one of the richest in the world.

The Way We Were

Written by Bro. Willie Samson

Unlike the popular love song entitled “The Way We Were”, and we can choose from a lot of similar songs to suit our taste, the article below stands almost alone, as a rare and  important document describing the Philippines and its people in the year 1280 AD, centuries before the Spaniards landed on our shores. It’s an article written by a Chinese trading official and likely does not have the biases of a conqueror.

F. Landa Jocano: kamagra online Proud to be Filipino

Written by Anna Pedrosa

IF buy clomid IT WERE UP to F. Landa Jocano, elementary school history classes would be very different.

“We need to revise history. Our history is the only one in the world where we concentrate on our faults or defeats rather than whatever success we have, or if we ever succeed, we never talk about the valor of the warriors.”

As clomid online I was listening to him, he made a lot of sense. “What happened,” he said, “After buy propecia online the Battle of Mactan…” A statue was built for Magellan, and as for Lapu-lapu, well, a fish was named after him. “This,” he remarks,  buy levitra online “is how we ‘honor’ people who were prepared to die for the people.”