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Our Firsts

First equipment - A projector. We did not have a storage area back then so the projector, together with the rest of the things used to set-up our gathering venues were usually in travel luggages, stored in the houses of the members of our different ministries.


Sibol_Our_Firsts_First_Christmas_Party_THUMBFirst Christmas Party - Was themed Pasko@Sg. We wanted to make Filipinos in Singapore feel at home during the Christmas season.

Sibol_Our_Firsts_First_Prayer_and_Fasting_THUMBFirst Prayer & Fasting opened to the congregation
- In February 2007, we held our clomid online first Saturday prayer meeting out of Bishan. It was our first P&F. Since then, every last Saturday of the month, we set-aside everything, including at least one meal, to pass the burden and pray for the concerns of the church.

Sibol_Our_Firsts_First_Associate_Pastor_THUMBFirst Associate Pastor - buy generic propecia online Coach Ime Macasaet was officially appointed as Mosaic’s Associate Pastor in July 2008. She faithfully performed the duties of a good shepherd to the flock from then on. She spent most of her time in Singapore training the workers, both in the Ministries and Small Groups, aside from pastoring the Friday and Sunday congregation. After two years, she was assigned to pastor the church in Sydney, Australia.

Sibol_Our_Firsts_First_Vehicle_THUMBFirst vehicle and storage facility - A v kamagra online an called Bonnie. Finally, our equipment did not have to go inside luggages and come from various parts of Singapore anymore. Bonnie provided a storage space as well as an easier means of trasporting our things to and from our gathering venues. 


Sibol_Our_Firsts_Small_Groups_THUMBFirst levitra online Small Groups - In June 2009, the first batch of Small Group Hosts and Apprentices underwent a formal training under Coach Noel Tan and Coach Ime Macasaet. There were 15 who completed the course and subsequently handled the initial Small Groups. There were seven groups with a total of 41 members then. Now, we have 11 groups with a total of 93 members.

sibol_our_firsts_paligsayahan_thumbFirst Sportsfest - “Paligsayahan 2010”, held in August 2010, was a spin-off from June 2007 Mosaic Family Day. “Paligsayahan 2010” was Mosaic’s first inter-Small Group competition. It was an avenue for strengthened bonds among Small Group members, as well as for new friendship.