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Bigger than Myself

- Marvin Punzalan

Marvin_PunzalaI was Marvin. From the Philippines. Uncertain. Self-serving.

I was motivated by money. This was what eventually propelled me to venture out of the Philippines, carrying in my heart that being rich was the sole indicator of success and achievement.In the beginning of pursuing what I thought was success here in Singapore, I felt a sense of satisfaction. I grew up in a society that thinks making a living in any place, but our country, is a perfect example of the idiomatic expression  "you will go places". However, days began passing by in conundrum and the emptiness masked with self-proclaimed accolades eventually showed up. An unexplained sense of worthlessness dragged my days.

Until I reached one important crossroad.

One Friday kamagra online night I hesitantly accepted the invitation of a friend to attend the Mosaic Friday service. For the first time, I experienced that 'Eureka' moment.  What, or rather, Who was missing was Omnipresent all along.

Another thing I found to be true - the more we get to know Christ, the more we get to know ourselves. And finding is inevitable buy priligy to those who are earnestly searching. I have found my own unique purpose. A race marked out for me. I found a sense of mission and a sense of freedom. In the beginning, I thought, as long as I succeeded in life, nobody would look down on me and I would gain respect wherever I go. It was a belief far from the truth. I was never a solo traveler. No matter how hard I try to segregate myself from my own kind, I could not do it. It is innate in me- it is shown in my skin, in my language, in my soul, in my identity.

God buy clomid online was the One who showed me the truth - I am part of something bigger than myself. I am called to be part of building a nation. I’m called to journey through the path of Angat Lahi. I may never live to realize all our dreams, but whatever I can do, I will do. For in this lifetime, I want to contribute some things that will outlive me.

I am Marvin. A Filipino. Certain. Serving God. Serving my Country.

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